Thank you for stopping by to see our Edible Car Race last Friday. Here is a description of what we did:


The students from each 5th grade science class will race against each other using cars they have designed and created using the principle of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Cars are to be made of entirely edible items. Students are encouraged to play with their food!  Students worked on this project designing and testing for 2 weeks as part of our unit on Force and Motion. They were given 1 ½ days to do their final build. They were trying to get their car to move on its own using only the force of gravity and momentum to travel down the ramp without drag and friction plus breakdowns taking their toll. The established rubric required the car to move on its own a distance of one foot. For the race purposes the car that travels the furthest and stays intact will progress to the next level of racing. The car from all the classes that meets those criteria will be declared the Edible Car Race Winner! Many parents joined us for the fun and our race winner was an all girl team, Graham Creepers from 4th Period. Picture shows Georgia Daniel, Dixie Salter, Lexi Cotton