30A Bike Shop owner Josh Foreman and coworker Tommy Lindsey donated a brand new bike to a very deserving student in Ms. Donnita Carroll's classroom on April 27th.  Kyle Cooper bought $40 worth of tickets for a chance to win a bicycle and unselfishly gave many of them to friends in his class. Kyle didn't have the winning ticket, but one of the tickets he purchased and gave to his friends was the winner!  Kyle was so excited that his friend won and didn't have one momnet of sadness that he wasn't the one going home with a new bike. When Mr. Foreman and Mr. Lindsey heard about Kyle's selfless actions and genuine support of his friends they wanted to make sure that Kyle had his own new bike. Ms. Carroll, Kyle's teacher, and Mrs. Karley Leach, teacher aide, are very thankful for the act of kindness shown to Kyle by Mr. Foreman and Mr. Lindsey. We are fortunate to have people and businesses like these in our community!